Coded Solution aims to create a secure underlying infrastructure platform for blockchain databases through consensus algorithms of the innovative Supernode PoS consensus mechanism. This creates solutions including smart contracts, wallets, transaction explorers, and Frontend & Backend apps which are unique in the current market.

What We Do

Coded Solutions uses blockchain technology to provide impactful solutions to developers, startups, and enterprises.

Web3.0 UX/UI

There are some key differences when using Web2.0 technology and Web3.0. Our designers are equipped with the expertise to fit your solution to Web3.0 standards. We gather information from your business flow from ideation to a product through visual design.

Blockchain Solutions

We focus on developing blockchain and smart contract solutions. With various programming languages, frameworks and architectural expertise, we can combine blockchain technology to real business solutions to fit businesses of any scale and size.

Software Development

We are a one-stop-shop web and mobile development solutions provider. From ideation, conceptualisation to development, our team provides full-stack development. Our team provides SaaS solutions and even bespoke products for our clients.

Key Partners

We work together with the most innovative players in the industry.

Bring your Blockchain Idea to Life

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